Jason Nix

An Auburn native, Jason, started out in life as a still photographer. Over the years, having framed some of his own photographs, he wanted to learn more about what the trade demanded. He got a job as a fitter working in a local shop. There he began to hone his skills in the craft creating better looks with each job he was able to design. After reaching the ceiling at that company, he put together a plan to open a shop that would be able to focus on making quality design the forefront of each project.


Kevin Washburn

A Montgomery native, Kevin, has worked in the custom framing industry for more than 20 years. He got tossed into the field when a frame shop employee called in sick. He loved the meticulous hands on work and has expanded his knowledge over the years to where he is today. His attention to fine details and expansive knowledge in the area of conservation framing, plus having worked in both independently owned and big box environments makes him an invaluable asset to our company.




An Auburn native, Lilly was found as a wee pup by Nix, in June of 2010. Heard whimpering under a friends porch she needed a place she could call home, we quickly took her in and have never regretted it for a second. She grew at light speed during her first year of life. This prompted us to question her mix and just how big she was going to get. We performed a DNA test to figure out just what she was, it came back with her main breeds being Boxer and German Shorthair Pointer. When you come to see us you may be intimidated by her size, but we're certain she is one of the sweetest pups you'll ever meet.