Dry Mounting

Dry Mountingthe technique of fastening a print, photograph, or the like to a board by using a heated thermoplastic material as an adhesive.

Foam Board Choices

Long gone are the days where cardboard as your primary backing choice for framing. At Modern Mitre, we stress the importance of using pH neutral foam core boards. We have opened up far too many frames and seen the damage caused by using inferior products inside of the confined space.

Bainbridge archival foam boards have been scientifically proven to protect art from common air pollutants and gasses generated from some framing materials and even artwork itself. Bainbridge offers some of the most advanced archival foamboard on the market today and that's why we explicitly trust them for all of our customers artwork.

With current vacuum press technology we can utilize a multitude of substrate and coating choices designed specifically for the protection of each type of art. This control over materials gives us the ability to protect and retain the artworks original lustre.

Photo by stocksnapper/iStock / Getty Images

Bainbridge : Artcare Restore

This is our most recommended product for dry mounting, and is suitable for all ranges of artworks. It features a breakthrough non-permeable adhesive that meets archival standards, activates at safe low temperatures and can be completely removed from art. We have done tests with this and have successfully removed an extremely thin newspaper. We are very confident in the quality of this product.

Wrinkle Reduction

With easily reproduced images, posters or photographs using a foam cored board, with a pre-coated adhesive can achieve a very stable end result.  Using the intense vacuum pressure available in our press, it can help to minimize the appearance of most wrinkles and dimples in previously rolled and heavily handled artwork or photographs.

Lamination and Textures

Giclee printing is a great for creating open edition prints, but we have found them to be quite fragile without a secondary coating to protect the ink. These are UV encapsulated coatings available in rolls that we can apply with low heat in our vacuum press to protect a canvas giclee prior to stretching.

The trend of adding a texture over a printed portrait or landscape has recently come back with a vengeance. It can bring a very retro look and feel to certain images. These feature designed patterns and too are available on rolls that apply with low heat in our vacuum press.

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