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At Modern Mitre, we have chosen to partner with Tru Vue® for all of our glazing products. We feel that in the industry of glazings they are simply the best in the business. Tru Vue® is a manufacturer of high performance glazing products for the custom picture framing, museum and engineered optics markets. They are a leader in anti-reflective coatings, as well as conservation-grade UV protection and specialty glazing products. 

Founded in 1946 as Chicago Dial, Tru Vue® began as a manufacturer of glass for radio dials and later TV screens. One of the company’s first innovations was a process that etched the glass on TV screens, creating a non-glare surface that refracted light and allowed for a much clearer picture. This etched glass product is what brought Tru Vue® into the picture framing market in 1970. Discovering that etched-glass technology eliminated the mirror-like reflections associated with framed art, Tru Vue again brought about industry-changing innovation with the introduction of double-sided, etched non-glare picture framing glass.                                                                                                                      -Tru Vue® changing the way you view glazing



Glazing you might ask, is not just the tasty stuff on top of your doughnut, it is also a fancy word for glass. Let us inform you, just like doughnuts, not all glazings are created equal. Most of our customers don't realize that there are multiple options in each category that offer a different visual look and provide varying levels of protection. Below I have briefly gone over each of the glazings that Tru Vue® has to offer. If you would like to know more information on a specific glazing type you can click on the Tru Vue® logo at the top of this page.

Premium Clear® : Commonly termed as "float glass" this features only 45% UV protection. Float glass is what you normally find in your commercial made table top and big box standardized frames. We can order this glazing, however we do not recommend its use on anything of importance or value.

Conservation Clear® : This is our standard glazing option which we keep in stock at all times. Boasting the same 99% UV protection as the Museum, this is truly a high quality glazing. This is suited for framing of limited edition prints and original works of art. It is also the first choice in protecting items of any monetary or sentimental value.

UltraVue® : Utilizing what is known as Water White Low Iron technology this glazing takes on the visual appearance and anti-reflectivity properties of the museum level of glazing. However having only 70% UV protection, it is highly recommended to use on items that are not sensitive to UV damage or items that will be displayed in a controlled lighting environment.

Museum Glass® : This is the premiere glazing option for use in custom framing and trusted by museum's across the world. With an unsurpassed level of 99% UV protection and less than 1% reflectivity, you will barely notice the glass being there at all.


Today's acrylic has come a long way, no longer does the thought of using an acrylic for your glazing have to spark horrible thoughts of an inexpensive box store frame that, in the right light, almost looks like a fun house mirror. Positives for todays acrylic is it's shatter resistant. Some common uses are for high traffic areas where safety is a high concern and fabric textiles.

Premium Clear® Acrylic : The acrylic equivalent to Premium Clear® Glass. Available in multiple thicknesses, this provides 66% UV protection and is suitable for general purpose framing when UV exposure is not a concern. This is recommended to be used on items that can be reproduced or replaced easily.

Conservation Clear® Acrylic : Like the name suggests, this too is the acrylic equivalent to Conservation Clear. This glazing is ideal for framing fine art collections, oversized works and irreplaceable works of art. Boasting 99% UV protection and anti-shatter technology safeguards against potential injuries or potential damages to the artwork.

Optium Museum® Acrylic : This is the highest grade of acrylic that there is. This virtually invisible anti-reflective, abrasion resistant acrylic delivers the most stunning viewing experience with anti-static protection that is engineered to immediately dissipate static. Tru Vue® tests this product under exposure intensities of 100,000 lux for 2000 hours. This is roughly equivalent to 100 years of direct sunlight! Amazingly the properties of the exposed materials remained unchanged after this testing. This state of the art acrylic is designed for the framing of cultural heritage, fine art collections, static sensitive materials including textiles, charcoals and pastels, as well as oversized works.

If you have any questions about our available glazing options, making sure you are choosing the right glazing for your project or maybe just want to bring us some glazed doughnuts - please do not hesitate to contact us.

Introduction by Jason Nix

Welcome to our blog!

This will be a space for me to discuss our offered services, materials used and expand on our goals in making this business, and our products the best in our area.

When we started discussing our mission and the potential goals we wanted to achieve with Modern Mitre, offering a truthful level of conservation framing services was definitely the forefront as our main objective. We have opened up far too many frames that claimed to have been done with conservation graded materials and the additional care that is required for conservation presentations. In a lot of cases these frames actuality contain merely bad decisions made on the part of that original framer.

As members of the PPFA, Professional Picture Framers Association, we strive to provide a level of expertise that is warranted to represent their distinctive approval. We made the decision to eliminate cardboard and unbuffered paper mats as material option. We chose to offer only conservation graded materials as our base material option, in our mind, this should prove to our customer that we truly care about their item needing to be protected more than the average frame shop would.

Keep checking back here to get a glimpse inside the workings of our frame shop and see how we are dedicated to making sure your piece looks the same in generations as it does today.